We’re business owners too so we get it: your business is your baby and it takes up all of your focus most of the time. Getting a new business running and maintaining it takes a lot of work, and your personal finances can sometimes take a back seat to everything else you are working on.

We see this all the time! 

And because you’re not getting a regular salary, your income tends to fluctuate month per month or quarter by quarter. That inconsistency can present problems when it comes to financial planning. How much should I have saved? How should I plan for the months ahead? How do I protect my business but also my family or personal life? How should I plan to pay my taxes?

We have tailored our services to work with you and the stage of life you are at; all with the goal of progressing you and your finances ahead each month, each year. You can think of this as fitness for your finances, which is why our financial planning fee model mirrors that of how a personal trainer is compensated. Depending on where you are in your life and the goals you have, our fee and relationship can meet you where you are and grow with you over time. 

This is also not a set-it and forget-it firm. We thoroughly believe in teaching you about financial health so as to empower you to take control of your finances and future growth. 

When you join us, you can expect to have fun! And you can expect to be pushed and be held accountable to your financial goals. Just like your trainer, you can expect to see us on a consistent basis. And you can expect our advisors to take your finances very seriously while being honest and empowering to you. Sure, we are a financial mentor and coach, but also a friend.

Our process establishes a meaningful long-term plan for your goals. We have a means of tracking your progress holding you accountable to the plan every step of the way. Then, we need to adapt, make changes as needed, every year.

When you are ready to get started with improving your financial situation, click over to the Start Here section of the site. That’s where financial bootcamp begins. The Contact form below will give our team members a head start on preparing your first 1-on-1 meeting!

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