Have you been taught to screw up your money? We think so. 

The conventional wisdom you’ve been told about money written for your Grandparent’s generation may not apply to financial planning for your generation. How much you should have in savings? How much should you use for a down payment on your first home? How should you handle paying down your student debt or business loans? These are just a few examples of where we find people missing the mark!

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You Have Big Goals & Expectations For Your Life...

But it might feel like, no matter what you do, you'll never get ahead financially.

  • Are you buried under a mountain of student loan debt?
  • Do you need a better budget so you have something to save each month?
  • Do you want to ditch the desk job but need reserves to grow your business?
  • Are you holding off getting married until more of your debt is gone?
  • Have you held off starting a family because you’re not confident with your finances?
  • Do you dream of owning a home but can’t imagine where to start to find a down payment?

You Need A Financial Game Plan

What was sound financial advice 40 years ago may not apply today. Our generation needs an approach to financial planning that is rooted in today's reality; from trusted peers who get the challenges we face and share our diversity and global / local values.

Welcome to the Financial Haus

We are Andrew & Kev Baker, the founders of Financial Haus; a financial services company committed to helping you make informed financial decisions so you can focus on what’s most important to you now.

As Millennial professionals ourselves, we wanted to create an environment where millennials were represented “at the table.” We wanted to change the game. We wanted to give young professionals something they may have never seen before. We wanted to “trim the fat” and give millennials something they could relate to. So we ditched the suits and fancy shoes and created a model where young professionals would feel comfortable coming in and get help in an advice-based, coaching-like relationship.

We created Financial Haus to deliver real solutions and empowerment, relevant for our generation.


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We’re Like Personal Trainers For Your Money

Financial Haus is a community of people coming together to work on financial goals that matter to you and will impact life as you create it! We are here to help outgoing and ambitious millennials (and non-Millenials!) navigate a financial landscape that is rapidly changing and looks different from what your parents and grandparents grew up with. From the student loan presence to disappearing pensions, new opportunities in real estate markets and investment strategies, we think things have changed, A LOT! We’re here to help make sure you have just as many opportunities to build wealth and own your life, like any other generation.

We work with a wide variety of individuals.....

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